If you are like most people, you have been working over the years and saving money in various assets – eg, retirement accounts, investments, real estate – with an eye to the future.  For most of us, wage income will stop at retirement and must replaced by streams of income produced by these various assets.  Successful retirement requires the strategic allocation of contributions to and distributions from these assets.  

What Does Strategic Allocation Look Like?

  • Commit to a savings goal (15 – 20% of gross income) and then strategically allocate those savings based on:  your existing financial situation and current economic conditions.  Be open to revising your allocations when conditions change.
  • Build assets that mitigate risks of wealth transfers, eg, inflation, disability, long term care, longevity, etc.
  • Build assets that will produce diversified streams of income in retirement –e.g., tax free income as well as taxable / tax favorable streams of income, stock market and non stock market correlated income, etc.

Financial Planning