Tax Planning & Prep

As an Enrolled Agent (EA), I am a federally-licensed practitioner and have passed rigorous IRS administered exams in tax laws to provide tax preparation services through Kathleen Finn, LLC.  I have experience in preparing individual tax returns including investment, rental income and small businesses.  While, there is no way to completely eliminate taxes; however there are many strategies to minimize their impact on your financial life over time. 
As a CFP® and an EA, I am uniquely qualified to help my clients to minimize the taxes that they will need to pay – not year to year but rather strategically over the long term.   Taxes can be the biggest expense in retirement and so structuring retirement income to minimize taxes is crucial to preserving one’s retirement nest egg.  Not all assets –  eg, 401(k), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, mutual funds, rental property –  are taxed alike.  How you structure your retirement income should depend on several economic factors – like tax rates, stock and bond market performance, current inflation rates, as well as other factors like age, family history of longevity, etc.    

A little planning can go a long way to minimizing taxes now and in retirement.  We work with clients during the tax year to implement tax saving strategies and over the long term to minimize taxes paid over a lifetime.