Finn Financial Advisory, Inc., is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and provides investment advice.  Most people have the bulk of their retirement savings in the the stock market.  However, there is no  monolithic stock market, but rather smaller cyclical markets of various asset categories – like large company, small company, international, etc.  It is impossible to predict the movements in these numerous smaller “markets” and so investors need a strategy.  We believe investors should hold fully diversified portfolios that reflect desired risk tolerance and projected time horizon and that these portfolios should be rebalanced methodically.  Investors should also be open to making more significant changes to their investments when they experience significant life changes, eg, retirement, disability, or death of a spouse.  

We work with you to create a well-structured investment portfolio that balances risk and reward and is driven by your time frame and financial

goals.  We keep in close ongoing communication to monitor the portfolio and make any changes as needed.    

Investment Advice